Success Stories

It’s all good hearing from us, but it’s our clients that tell the real story. Read some of our testimonials below and if you would like to speak to a previous client just reach out and we will put you in touch.

Ernst & Sabine W


“About three years ago through an ad on the Builderscrack website I came in contact with Scott from TC Groundworks. Firstly he surprised me with a very competitive quote for 2 car parks. Equally pleasing was the way the whole process developed.

Communication seemed to be a top priority for TC Groundworks. I was always kept up to date with progress. Work was executed as discussed and in the end price was exactly what was promised. In the time since I have ventured into larger projects with Scott and Strathclyde as the company is called now after rebranding. We are currently repairing the fourth earthquake damaged house with him. Nothing has changed in my appreciation for the work delivered since we did the two little car parks.

Works comprised many aspects like house lifting, partial and new foundations, building, plastering, retaining walls in steep hillsides etc. Scott has a very versatile team working for him. I should mention that enforcing safety procedures is top priority at Strathclyde. Overall I am very satisfied with all aspects of the work delivered and I can highly recommend Scott and Strathclyde.”

Jane and Brian


“Wow. Where do I start. Scott Todd and his team are just amazing. We got Scott to help us with a renovation on our older style home. I allowed Scott to choose tiles for our fireplace, bathroom, toilet and kitchen, as Scott has a great eye for detail and I trusted his judgement. Scott has been a great help with his input and ideas. We got Scott and his fabulous team to build a deck and fence. It looks stunning and have had a lot of compliments. Scott put us on to a fantastic painter who painted our exterior and interior. His team are all totally professional, respectful and dedicated. Great bunch of guys. Also, a shout out to Bruno.”


Core values

Strathclyde provides the most efficient solutions to complex projects. We are committed to building outstanding and durable homes and gardens with integrity and ingenuity, giving Canterbury the service it deserves.

Be Pragmatic

We value common sense, and our team knows there is a solution to every problem. If an individual hasn't seen a solution to an issue, the whole team get on the company’s group chat and see who knows what to do. Two heads are better than one, and in our case, 15 heads are even better.

Your Word Is Your Bond

If we say we are going to do something, we do it. Honesty and integrity are our most important values. They underpin everything we do. We must always deliver on our promises.

Think About The Next Guy

All our team leaders have worked on large commercial projects. They have seen first-hand the issues that arise when all trades on a project work towards the same goal. As such, Strathclyde is extremely focused on making life as easy as possible for the next trade to come in (which often is another member of our team). Thinking about the next guy keeps morale high and makes for a smoothly run project.

No Egos

Our teams communicate continually through our company group chat. If we make a mistake, we own it, and then we fix it. If we don't know the answer to something, we ask. Focusing on the big picture, which is your project, we need to leave the egos at the site gate. True collaboration only comes when we can all focus on one single goal. This is the Strathclyde way.

Treat It Like Our Own Home

Our Director Scott is often reiterating this. It can be easy to see a home as just a workplace when you are working there every day. However, we know this is not the case. We all keep reminding each other of the respect that your property deserves.

Adhere To The Heirarchy (Safety - Quality - Speed)

Reinforcing our guarantee. Safety comes first, no exceptions. It is paramount that our team gets home safe each night. Quality is next. We aim for the highest standards and our team strive to uphold this, checking each other’s work and taking time for reflection to get the best outcomes. Speed comes last. We do not cut corners.


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Success Stories

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