With the fine Christchurch climate, our gardens are incredibly important to how we live. Functionality and the flow between house and garden are at the crux of how we enjoy our living spaces. This is why you will reap the benefits of using a diverse team for your landscaping project. We understand how all the components of your home come together.

We work with an exceptional landscape architect who has timeless designs, an unparalleled passion for what he does and a real forte for capturing your ideas and dreams.

With our team and resources, we have everything at hand to offer the greatest efficiency for your landscaping project as well as all the skills to deliver the highest possible quality.

If you want to enhance your home and make the most of your outdoor space, please get in touch with our friendly team to schedule a free consultation.

"Delivering with integrity and ingenuity, smart, efficient total-solutions for complex projects and in doing so building quality homes, in-ground structures and gardens that are made to last and enjoy."

about us

Scott Todd

Director & Construction Manager

Hi, I am Scott Todd, owner of Strathclyde. I’m extremely passionate about our business and providing an outstanding experience for our customers. Back in Scotland, I worked as a site-based Engineer on major civil and building projects, for the largest construction company in the UK. This is where I honed my skills before moving to Christchurch in 2013. Strathclyde offers a "start to finish" service, which means that you have one point of contact throughout your project.

We offer a wealth of experience in the full package from earthworks through to building and landscaping. Quality, trust and communication are paramount to how we do business. We take great pride in our work, and we are focused on providing a seamless professional experience for our customers. We do this through continual development of our systems, and always looking to further our skills and clearly understand our "why". Moving to Christchurch post-quake, I have seen a lot of substandard work and compromising working conditions.

We are committed to providing practical, common-sense solutions to challenging construction projects whilst keeping our team safe and upholding the highest quality standards. I started Strathclyde to be the change I wanted to see, and the change Christchurch needed.

Why choose us

Strathclyde offers offer a wealth of experience in the full package, from earthworks through to building and landscaping. We are committed to providing practical, common-sense solutions to challenging construction projects whilst keeping our team safe and upholding the highest quality standards.

Master Builders

We are members of the Master Builders Association, which gives you the assurance you are working with builders of a proven high standard. Our work is backed by the Master Builders’ 10-year guarantee.

Getting It Right Upfront

We will sit down with yours or our architect and engineer, depending on the requirements, and provide the practical input necessary for the right outcome. As your trusted builder we will help you to get the balance just right in regards to what you want vs what is possible vs your budget. We will mitigate risk for you and provide clearer costs.


While working on your project, we will treat your home and its surroundings with the greatest of respect. We encourage a clean, well mannered and well-presented site at all times. A clean site is a safe site.

Diverse Staff & Resources

All our building sites are overseen by one of our LBP builders, and our civil and landscaping foremen are real sharpshooters. We carry a large range of plant and equipment. We put the right person on the right tool on the right job, providing the highest level of efficiency for our clients.

Complex Sites - Nothing's Too Hard

We make the difficult easy. Technical and logistically challenging projects are both our forte and our passion. Our Civil Engineer Scott and the rest of our team thrive off this type of work, systematically working through your project from planning through construction to execution. Disclaimer: We do enjoy the simpler projects to recharge and hone our skills.

Start To Finish

Many builders and contractors only do one thing, meaning lots of handovers on projects between different parties. Our team will be on-site from breaking ground through to the finishing touches and landscaping. Handovers are therefore in-house, allowing information to travel more smoothly. We avoid the "construction Chinese whispers".

Quality Assurance

We have a comprehensive 280-point quality checklist that we methodically update throughout the build.

Pragmatic Guarantee

For your complete peace of mind, and to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, we offer our complete Pragmatic Guarantee.

  • Planning & Pricing - Scott Todd, our Company Director, will personally come to meet you to discuss your ideal project. During this initial free and no-obligation consultation, you will be given information on the following:
  • Feasibility - Is what you are planning possible? We will let you know if there are potentially better solutions worth considering.
  • Design & Consent Requirements - We will guide you through the design and consent process to ensure we get this vital stage of the project right.
  • Timeframes - We will discuss a tentative start date, project duration, risks which could cause delays, and how to mitigate these risks.
  • Costs - We will provide a detailed scope of works highlighting what is and isn't included in the contract. Wherever possible, we will offer a fixed cost to reduce the risk of budget blowouts and will advise on choosing the right materials to suit your budget.



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