Director’s Blog – 18 – 19/07/21

It always amazes me how much difference it can make to a project by getting someone on board who looks at the full project.  

Director’s Blog – 17 – 04/07/21

Our team can do it all. Listen to Scott talk through some of the different projects we are working on this week to get a true idea of what our team can accomplish!  

Director’s Blog – 16 – 28/06/21

How to lose money fast! Scott talks through some differences in quotes for hill builds and how it can cost not having your design triangle in place from the start.  

Director’s Blog – 15 – 21/06/21

The Final Core Value - No Egos. Reach out for help solving a problem, let the team help come up with solutions.  

Director’s Blog – 14 – 14/06/21

Think About The Next Guy - Help the project move smoothly for the clients sake.  

Director’s Blog – 13 – 08/06/21

Treat It Like Our Own Home - We are currently living through a renovation on our home so this totally resonates with us!  

Director’s Blog – 12 – 30/05/21

Today's Blog covers the value Scott holds most dear to him. Our Word is Our Bond.  

Director’s Blog – 11 – 24/05/21

Scott talks through the next Core Value of Strathclyde - Be Pragmatic.  

Director’s Blog – 10 – 16/05/21

The first and most important of our core values - Adhere to the Hierarchy. We want our team home safely each day.  

Director’s Blog – 9 – 10/05/21

Scott shares the final tip for building on the hill - Get a team that knows what they're doing! Make sure you have a company that specialises in complex projects.

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